Can Every Elementary School learn their biggest lesson yet?

Every Elementary School Has a Lot to Learn About Respect is a story of Izzy, Sawyer, Abel, and Hannah: four students that experience Every Elementary School from different perspectives. The reader experiences the common issues and frustrations of elementary school through the eyes of these students and their families. As the parents struggle with the school to meet the needs of their children, a number of strategies are tried; some are successful, others are not.

Mrs. Travail, a teacher turned principal, is working to improve the learning environment of the school for all students. Her efforts are hindered by a few teachers and staff members that do not want to upset the status quo, but Mrs. Bixby and Ms. Horton, two teacher-leaders at Every Elementary, develop support among the faculty for her vision of respectful education. Will Mrs. Travail and her supporters overcome their unknown adversary and win rights for students and their families? Will they convince the system that respect is the best key for change?